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Our new car park is complete!

Things have been rather quiet at the field while we wait for the right times of year and weather conditions to do the work needed to get everything ready.

However, I'm very excited to say that the car park area is now complete!

This will provide 6 spaces as you drive in, for all of my group dog training class attendees to park easily. And a further 2 spaces inside the 6ft gate for use when you hire the field.

You won't have to worry about about navigating down shared spaces where you might encounter other people, dogs or livestock to give your dog off lead freedom. The spaces within the 6ft fenced area mean that you can park up, close the gate and simply let your dog out of your car!

"But when are you going to open?"

MANY of you have been asking me when we're going to open. As with the rest of this project, it is going to be largely dictated by the weather!

The last major piece of the puzzle is the fence. We have all our fingers, toes and paws crossed that early October will bring with it the right conditions for fence installation. So watch this space!

Gemma & the Field for Dogs Team 🐾

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