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Frequently Asked Questions

How high is the fencing?

The field is surrounded by 6ft deer fencing. It has also been reinforced at the bottom with additional netting to deter digging.

How big is the field?

The field is approximately 3.5 acres. That’s a little over 2.5 football pitches.

Is the field hilly?

The whole site is relatively flat so no hills to climb!

Is there livestock in surrounding fields?

There isn't any livestock, however there is a pond in the neighbouring field.

Is there a poo bin on site?

Yes, there is a poo bin next to the gate.

Are there any toilet facilities?

Yes, there's a portaloo in the main car park area.

Can I park inside the field?

There are 2 parking spaces within the 6ft fencing so that you can drive in and close the gate before letting your dog out of the car. 

How many dogs can I bring?

You can bring up to 6 dogs with you. Please note that there is an additional charge when you bring 4 or more dogs.

Do you have a poo policy?

We kindly ask that if you see a poo, please pick it up. Due to the size of the field it is possible that you may miss your dog’s poo, however if you pick up any missed poos you see and others do the same for you, we can keep the field clear for everyone’s enjoyment.

Will there be other dogs in the field?

No, when you book a session at the field you will have exclusive use of it for your time slot.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Absolutely! You can bring 2 cars on site per booking so feel free to arrange to meet a friend for your session. You are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to all Terms & Conditions.

Can I bring children with me?

Of course! Please ensure that they are supervised at all times. There must be at least one adult (18yrs+) present at all times.

Do you allow XL Bullies?

Yes we do! We believe all dogs should have the opportunity to have the freedom to run, sniff and generally just be a dog! There are a few additional points in our T&Cs which owners of XL Bullies (or any other dogs on the Index of Exempt dogs) need to adhere to, however you will be able to give your dog time off lead and muzzle free!

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