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Meet the Team

Let us introduce you to the Field for Dogs Team!


Gemma is the one who dreamt up Field for Dogs. It was her mission to create a space where both dogs and people can enjoy a relaxing walk together.

As a local dog trainer she encounters so many dogs who could benefit from an exclusive use space. Whether it’s because they are anxious around other people or dogs and deserve a stress-free walk, where they don’t need to worry about any scary meetings. Or because they're learning new skills and need the opportunity to practise without added distractions.

Gemma deals with the day to day running of Field for Dogs. If you’ve contacted us in any way, be that email, Facebook Messenger or on Instagram, you will have spoken to Gemma!

Gemma also runs Sussex Canines, and will be offering dog training classes and 1-2-1 sessions at Field for Dogs. She is a certified absoluteDogs Pro Dog Trainer, a UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Instructor and a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 01577).

For more information about training with Gemma visit the Sussex Canines website.


EB is our 9 year old Hungarian Vizsla. She is a very easy dog to live with and has always been a dream indoors. However she had a bad experience with another dog when she was a puppy which left her scared of big, long haired dogs in particular.

Over the years we have helped her through this and she has her confidence back. We would have loved to have been able to offer her somewhere like Field for Dogs when she was younger. To allow her to have a care-free run without the worry of meeting a ‘scary’ dog.

When not on her favourite spot on the sofa, EB loves to be outside following her nose.


Mango is our 2 year old Hungarian Vizsla. Also known as “the puppy” or affectionately, “the monster”. Mango is the opposite of EB in every way!

She would love to say hello to every dog, person or leaf that crosses her path, which makes training her more challenging! OK so the field can’t really help with the leaves, but it does give us a place to train and practise solid recalls without the risk of her running off to visit other people. Something we continue to work on!

Mango loves all training, however her favourite thing to do is to zoom round an agility course.

Wider Team

Field for Dogs wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of some very special people, including Gemma’s partner Louis, our families, friends and of course each and every one of our lovely clients.

Thank you!

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