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Banned breeds at Field for Dogs

We hope this message finds you and your furry friends well and that you are enjoying the festive season!

We want to bring your attention to a significant change coming our way after 31st December 2023. XL Bullies will be added to the UK Government's list of banned breeds, impacting many dogs and their devoted owners with new and challenging restrictions.

At Field for Dogs, we believe in providing a space where all dogs can revel in the freedom to just be dogs! 🌳🐕

To our clients with banned breeds who hold a Certificate of Exemption, we want you to know that you are welcome here with open paws. Your dogs can roam freely without muzzles, enjoying the simple joys of life.

An XL Bully enjoying some freedom at Field for Dogs. Thank you to Lauren for sharing!

However, to ensure everyone's safety and align with Government guidelines, there are a few essential measures we must put in place:

1. Microchipping & Neutering: Dogs must be microchipped and neutered, in accordance with Government guidelines.

2. Household Limitations: Only dogs and people from the same household as the exempt dog can be present during field hire. Unfortunately, the "bring a friend" option won't be available to owners of exempt dogs.

3. Drive-in Entry: We kindly ask owners of exempt dogs to drive into the field and park within the 6ft fenced area, ensuring the gate is closed & locked, before letting their dogs out. We will be changing the lock (again 🤣) to allow you to easily lock yourselves in.

*This section has been edited after new information from our insurers*

4. Documentation Requirements: Owners of banned breeds must have a Certificate of Exemption and up-to-date insurance before visiting.

Full details have been added to our Terms & Conditions, so please do check them out!

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate these changes together. Our goal remains to provide a safe and enjoyable space for all dogs, regardless of breed. Thank you for being part of the Field for Dogs family. 🐾💚

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Your support means the world to us.

Warm regards,

Gemma & The Field for Dogs Team 🐾

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