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Welcome to Field for Dogs

Field for Dogs is an exclusive use dog walking field, allowing you to walk or train your dog without the worry of encountering any other people or dogs.

Easy access

Just off the A23, the dog walking field is easy to get to by car.

Fully fenced

6ft fencing contains the 3.5 acres of grass and trees to allow your dog to run free.

Bulk discounts

Frequent visitor? Save money with our package deals.

Book your visit

Click on the link below to book your exclusive 50 minute session at Field for Dogs.

About your visit

Find out more about walking your dog at Field for Dogs.

Have more questions?

We've created a whole page dedicated to answering questions you may have!

Need help training your dog?

Contact Gemma to arrange a 1-2-1 training session at the field. You can find out more about Gemma's training by visiting the Sussex Canines website.




Do you feel like exercising your dog off lead is a challenge? Perhaps your dog struggles with other people or dogs you encounter on walks? Or maybe you find traditional dog walking areas difficult to navigate?


You're not alone.


As a professional dog trainer I know first hand how important it is to set dogs up for success when they're training, a huge part of which is managing distractions as much as possible. ​


Equally, I see so many dogs who simply find the world a little overwhelming and need a space to walk where they don't fear the 'friendly' dog running over to them to say hi.


​Field for Dogs was created to provide you with an enclosed space to walk your dog without the worry of encountering anyone else. A place where you can train your dog without any unexpected distractions.

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